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  • Set Scale

    I am having trouble setting the scale on my elevation drawing. Every time I put in the measurement of my window this shows up in the dimension line "1.#J" what am I doing wrong?

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    Sounds like you are clicking twice as you drag your dimension line when you use the Set Scale Tool. Don't click again when you hit the second edit point.
    Watch the mini-clip to refine your technique. here:
    or from your Customer Hub


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      Thanks I have another question unrelated to scale I hope I can ask this one as well. I just searched with words "Moreland" treatment but the search function showed me nothing. I finally found it with separate components but did I search incorrectly? I have searched this way before with success.


      • Debbie Green
        Debbie Green commented
        Editing a comment
        Hi Betsey,

        We discovered that the search for Studio Online was not working. We are looking into that issue. We will probably install the new version on the server soon. So, you didn't do anything wrong.