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  • How To's ~ Photography Tips

    Whether you're photographing a "before" shot to use in Studio, or taking an "after" for your portfolio, here are some tips from a professional photographer:

    biggest takeaway: "You really need to avoid shooting directly into a window as cameras (and phones) can’t deal with the difference between a really bright light and a really dark corner of a room. If that is the shot you really need to have then switch on the HDR function – that stands for High Dynamic Range – as this will brighten the dark areas and tone down the light ones. Once you have taken the picture use the highlights tool to bring down the light and the shadows slider to bring out the dark areas."

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    Great article, I love his tip about keeping verticals vertical and horizontals horizontal. I never knew to hold my phone at chest height to take a photo. I already tested it and it really made a difference.