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  • Fabrics ~ Calico 360

    In case you're wondering how Studio stacks up to Calico's new design tool 360 which allows the site visitor to fill a window treatment or furniture piece with the Calico fabric, I did a test for you! It took just about the same amount of time to save/crop/fill a Studio design as it did to select/fill/clip/import/knockout their design. And as you might suspect, it can't be customized further because it's just an image. While it does work on top treatments, there is no capability for filling contrast jabots/horns or adding trim, etc. Also, I found some of their repeats off/not to scale.

    What do you think?

    Try it for yourself:

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    Yes, Merilyn great job. I can see the difference and for the DIY it is a great objection. I think for someone paying for our service they expect more.


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      Very interesting! Thanks for the comparison.


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        Update: I used Calico 360 for a chair, ottoman and settee in this attic playroom - had to fill in behind the pieces with polygons to replace some of the color lost with the background transparency feature.

        It does work pretty well for patterned fabrics which are difficult to use in Studio images because of the various perspective angles (Studio fills everything in a straight-on view unless you crop/skew/or photo clip different sections).