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Minutes Matter Application Has Stopped Working

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  • Minutes Matter Application Has Stopped Working

    I successfully loaded Studio on my new laptop with windows 10.
    I am now getting the attached message.
    It looks like it begins to open but then this pops up and I have to close out.
    I know I have the latest version.
    I have uninstalled the program, restarted and reinstalled it and continue to get this message.
    Firewall? Security?

    Thank you in advance

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    Hi Marie, this is a brand-new laptop with windows 10 correct? This computer has never had a previous version of windows correct ?

    Windows 10 had update two weeks ago and some of our users are having trouble and we haven't determined a workaround yet. It seems to have only affected a few of our users. Several of us in the office have windows 10 and have the latest update from Windows and Studio is working fine.

    I will send you via email with our beta version of Studio to see if that corrects your issue.


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      Hi Debbie,
      I had started a project yesterday in MMS. Then later in the day I did the new Windows 10 update and now when I go into MMS a window pops up that MMS has to close. Not sure what to do.
      Thank you,
      Julie Clark
      The Threaded Nest


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        Right click on the raspberry and run as admin, it may ask you for your activation number


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          Julie, I am having the same issue. There is a conflict with the new windows update on only some computers. I tried to revert my computer to the previous windows update but my Dell consultant suggested not to do that due to the security updates etc (especially with the ransomware issue lately). Wondering - do you have a 32 or 64 bit machine?
          Did right clicking as Anna suggested work?
          I know Debbie and her team are working on this issue behind the scenes.


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            Hi Julie & Marie,

            For a handful of Windows 10 users Studio experienced an issue with the last Windows update. We have hundreds of users with Windows 10 and this update didn't affect them. In fact, I have two computers that I upgraded from Windows 8 to Windows 10 and they are working fine with the new update. We are looking into this issue and hoping to find a solution.

            You can try uninstalling the last Windows update. Type Windows Update in the bottom left search box > once that window is open look for History and remove the items that were installed during the last update. Uninstalling the last Windows update did work for a couple of users.

            The next thing to do is Reset Windows. Type in Reset Windows in the search box in the bottom left corner. Select the option to KEEP MY FILES during the reset. It takes about an hour. Can you let us know if that works? Owen, my son, that helps with the new versions Studio said that corrected his issue. NOTE: this will require you reinstalling ALL SOFTWARE. Please read the article below prior to proceeding.

            Below is instructions on using the Reset feature on Windows.