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Hardware ~ Hardware Templates - You're going to love this!!

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  • Hardware ~ Hardware Templates - You're going to love this!!

    Hi Guys,
    We were working on a project and needed to know exactly where to install a wood bracket. We needed to know exactly how much to deduct from the drapery for it to be the correct length. Here is just another way Studio can help you. Below are the steps to create your own hardware templates for other hardware vendors.
    1. Scan the bracket, save it as a JPEG
    2. Import it into Studio
    3. Change the Drawing Scale in Studio as 1 to 1
    4. Trace around the bracket (use the Close Beizer Tool)change the transparency to "0"
    5. Measure your bracket, with the dimension tool draw a line the correct length
    6. Hold down the shift key and click on the corner edit point and resize the bracket to the correct size. (your scan decreased the actual size)
    7. Measure the diameter of the pole
    8. Draw a circle and change the circle to the size you measured for the pole (hold down the shift key to ensure a perfect circle)
    9. Measure your ring or use the specifications given by your vendor
    10. Draw two circles, change the dimensions to the specifications given by the vendor for the inside dimension of the ring and another for the outside dimension of the ring. Use the Align to center tool, make sure both the center and outer circles are selected.
    11. This must be printed from the MMS file for accuracy.

    We have attached two files to get you started. 2 1/4" Select Hardware from United Supply and 2" hardware by Kirsch.(Resin offers a 2 1/4 bracket that is the same size as the 2" Kirsch bracket, the cradle is larger to accommodate the larger pole.)

    We would like everyone to participate in this project. Wouldn't it be great to have every hardware vendor's products listed here? When you print the page your hardware should be exactly the same size as your printed template.

    Here are the links to the vendor websites for the hardware mentioned above:

    United Supply Select Product

    Wood Trends

    Sarkis Studio
    Attached Files

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    Did you receive the email from TMS-Menagerie about their new catalog which gives detailed drawings of hardware brackets for figuring installation placement?

    here's the link to download the catalog:

    no affiliation - I just like their product lines