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Skewing rug images

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  • Skewing rug images

    Here is a challenge I always have... I clip images of rugs from vendors websites and use them in presentations. From time to time I want to skew the rug image to look like it is laying on the floor. Is there an easy way to do that? I hoped to clip the image in Studio, then skew it, but it won't stretch that way. I remember a long time ago I use to skew the image in Photoshop then import it. Is that still the best way? I don't actually have that program on my new computer, is there one you all use for that? Any suggestions? Thanks!

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    Hi Amie, we posted a video on how to do this with Irfanview, better yet we did the last webinar on this. Go to customer hub and watch the free webinar in Collection V and watch the video to see how.


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      I am having trouble installing the plug ins. I ran the exe and got the message that the installation was successful, but when I try to use the perspective transformation, I am told the plug in is not there. Any suggestions? I will try to restart my computer...


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        I figured it out. You have to scroll down on the plug in page to the Adobe plug in and install it ....


        • Debbie Green
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          We love this plugin!! It is so easy to create a perspective on a jpg now. Be sure to watch the video so you can also use the transparency feature as you are saving the edited jpg.

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        Just an update on how to use the Adobe plug-in: instead of using the "hand" to push up the image into the perspective view, slide the Tilt button on the right to between 50-75, then click OK. Less chance of getting a wobbly image and you don't need to use the Grid which you may accidentally forget to turn off.

        To create a perspective view of a painting or wall decor for an angled wall,use the Pan button in the same manner, without the grid.